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Ngoc Trinh VISTAPRINTS are not afraid to shoulder ... rustic country bumpkin because truth

Ngoc Trinh latest information revealed about the movie about his life: "waist 56".

Movie about the life "Queen lingerie" Ngoc Trinh : Round 56 Eo  fixed starting date for the first filming 19/8, in Dong Thap. During that time, Ngoc Trinh plenty hone acting skills for the cameras in the hope to overcome the pressure of the first plays on the big screen. "Queen of internal medicine" sharing not afraid of embarrassing yourself while playing for the years rustic, though settled in the city. HCM, she found herself face characterized from the countryside, to the voice.


It is reported that nearly a third of the length of the movie is devoted to portray a girl who came from the village peaceful place to circumstances beyond hard to get ahead in life. The character images Trinh luxury, exquisite appear only later in the film. 

Shaping of Ngoc Trinh stage main character to achieve success in the modeling industry is portrayed quite similar to her real life. To implement the context returned luxurious living environment of the heroine, Vu Ngoc Dang need to use up to four vehicles. A close friend of Ngoc Trinh gave her the right to use this four-car to film.


Director Vu Ngoc Dang said Luong Manh Hai actor who transformed into tycoons character "long legs" Vu Khac Tiep - Ngoc Trinh who accompanied all the way up in the modeling career of her. Ho Vinh Khoa and La Quoc Hung's two brothers played the heroine. Tu Vi actor plays the older sister.